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Support For Individuals, Couples, & Families

Setup an intake appointment to move from surviving to thriving. 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is either like an Emergency Room or going to the gym. I can help you in your time of crisis or help attain you attain goals on your road of self-improvement!

Couples Therapy

We are created for connection! But sometimes our connections are what cause us the most distress! Couples therapy is a great way to find deeper and healthier connection!

Group Therapy

Toxic shame will tell you that you are “alone” in your struggle! But group therapy shows you the opposite and that it is okay to be human and to have your struggles!


I help individuals, and couples overcome the ebbs and flow of life. The stresses of life can often lead us down the path to use substances, behaviors, and unhealthy mindsets to cope with our pain. As a therapist, I often tell my clients that pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is optional, and that is how I can help you!

My Expertise

Stress & Anxiety

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Stress is a normal part of life; however, when it becomes overwhelming and exceeds our level of coping, it can have adverse effects.

Family Member Conflict

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Dysfunctional families can be a big predictor of mental illness as well as how satisfied a person is in not only future relationships but also their life in general.


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Whether emotional or sexual, infidelity creates betrayal trauma.


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Depression is more than just feeling sad. It’s feeling hopeless, helpless, and that no matter what the outlook of life is doomed to be terrible.

Betrayal Trauma

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Betrayal trauma is what we call what a person experiences when they learn their partner has had either an emotional or sexual affair. Research shows that betrayal trauma can cause PTSD symptoms.

Sexual Dysfunction

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Sex is something often of taboo and stigma which does not allow us to speak openly about it. It can create even more shame when there’s dysfunction meaning that something isn’t working as it should.

Isolation & Loneliness

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One of the biggest issues COVID-19 has caused is isolation and loneliness, these two alone are known to contribute to not only mental illnesses but physical as well.

Strained Relationships

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Sometimes relationships haven’t expereicned anything trauma or severe but it could be little things that add up over time.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

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Believe it or not there are behaviors which can be an addiction and sex is one of them!

My Approach & Values

I approach therapy as an honor that is given to me by the people who come into my office everyday! To hear the stories of people when they are at their darkest moments in life, or sometimes to hear things that have never been shared with another person is sacred and I cherish each person who I work with as if they were my only client. I approach therapy in a manner that seeks to find what is best for the person sitting in front of me. I value you as a human over anything and everything else in therapy. Your safety, your well-being, and you thriving is what’s important! 

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