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So earlier this week, I had decided to delete Facebook and Twitter. Today, I’ve decided to get rid of Instagram and Snapchat. The reason is pretty simple; social media is a waste of time and is superficial. The pros don’t outweigh the cons at all. Social media, and smartphones in general, have created this sense of being connected 24/7. That’s not healthy. You don’t need to be always interacting with people; you need time alone to reflect and disconnect. Take a look at screen time under settings and look at the time you spend on social media. Now imagine using that time in something more constructive like reading, painting, helping others, and so on. You can be more useful with your time without social media.

The other reason is the amount of superficiality social media produces. Honestly, it’s unfortunate and depressing. The only thing people post is the image that they want to portray and want people to have of them. Social media takes out the humanness of negative experiences and emotions in life. I dare say that social media is dehumanizing us. When people begin to compare themselves, their friends, their families, their relationships, and their lives to social media, we begin to cheapen our individual experiences in life. It’s also superficial in terms of relationships; why are we entitling people to know what we’re doing every single day and every hour? Social media has replaced genuine and authentic connection with a superficial understanding of each other in which we make judgments of each other. I want a real connection with people who I can share the positive and negative in my life, not someone who is talking to me just because I posted a picture of bae and me on the beach.

Be real. Be genuine. Be authentic.